Second and Third Generations to Holocaust Survivors and anyone with interest in Holocaust Remembrance/Commemoration issues
NEXT GENERATIONS was founded to commemorate Holocaust and Revival and especially to commemorate the stories of communities as well as individual and family histories of every one of its members – “the witnesses of the witnesses”. Members of the Association are 2Gen and 3Gen to Holocaust survivors, who have committed to fulfill their parents’ will: TO REMEMBER AND NEVER TO FORGET.
NEXT GENERATIONS was founded in 2005. All its members are volunteers. It is run by a 13-member Executive Board. We are in the process of setting up a Supporters’ Council, which will assist the Executive Board in fulfilling its missions.
Our mailing lists include thousands of people: next generations to Holocaust Survivors, children of Partisans and Fighters, children born in DP Camps in Europe after WW2, students and pupils, people engaged in the various commemoration organizations and opinion makers in the field of Holocaust and Revival.
NEXT GENERATIONS maintains close cooperation with YAD VASHEM, the KNESSETH, The Center Organizations of Holocaust Survivors and various commemoration institutions, in Israel and abroad.
We have also a branch in Haifa and the area headed by Dr. Zehava Tanne, and we will soon open a branch in Jerusalem as well.
For our main website please press here http://dorothahemshech.org.il
To ensure remembrance, NEXT GENERATIONS engages in the following:
  • The workshops NEXT GENERATIONS TO THE STORY: where the children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors learn from experts in the field how to tell the story of their parents’ survival, and how to share this unique experience with their listeners, students, soldiers and young employees
  • WRITING WORKSHOPS: where the children and grandchildren learn to produce in written form the family and personal stories of the Survivors.
  • Setting up, operating and maintenance of the ONLINE COMMEMORATION WEBSITE http://dorot.memorialine.com/ whose aim is to enable members to post commemoration pages for family members who perished in the Holocaust and for those who survived it; to upload photos and documents and to tell their story. The website is accompanied by a Facebook page with many thousands of daily visits which also serves to convey new information on efforts to prevent Holocaust denial.
  • THE FORUM FOR THE STUDY OF THE HOLOCAUST AND OF JEWISH HERITAGE: an academic course held for the 4th consecutive year, in which next generations and other interested persons learn about the state-of-the-art research on Holocaust issues from the most important experts in the field.
To watch some of the lectures please press here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5o4uWzfakhM5jNahaFvZNg
  • STUDY TOURS to the COUNTRIES where the Holocaust unfolded in Eastern Europe and guided visits to concentration camps, killing pits and various Jewish sites in those locations.
  • STUDY TOURS called “From Holocaust to Revival”, to COMMEMORATION SITES AND MONUMENTS throughout the STATE OF ISRAEL.
  • Operating and maintenance of the WEBSITE OF THE PARTISANS’ ASSOCIATION, whose heritage NEXT GENERATIONS has committed to preserve and commemorate. The website includes thousands of biographies of partisans and fighters and continues to be updated with new lists and documents which keep arriving from various sources.
  • Holding three ANNUAL CONFERENCES: on International Holocaust Day (January 27), on the Day of Commemoration of Holocaust and Heroism in Israel and in the beginning of every schoolyear, commemorating major issues in Holocaust history.
  • Encouraging RESEARCH OF HOLOCAUST THEMES AND DOCUMENTING family histories by HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS as a personal commitment project, and posting them on the commemoration website DOROT-MEMORIALINE.
  • STOP, REMEMBER AND TALK: Holocaust Day ceremonies held at work places, in cooperation with HR staff, a project held for the 5th consecutive year, whose aim is to move employees to identify with Holocaust issues on Holocaust Remembrance Day. To achieve that NEXT GENERATIONS has set up a website: www.time2remember.com which provides materials for those organizing such ceremonies. These organizers are offered study days at YAD VASHEM specifically designed for this project.
  • The first CONFERENCE OF CHILDREN BORN AND RAISED IN THE DP CAMPS after the Holocaust: the conference was held in December 2015 at the Tel-Aviv University, attended by 1200 participants, former DP camps’ babies and children. Following the tremendous success of this event, NEXT GENERATIONS plans to hold an international conference on the subject in 2018.
For the conference Facebook please press here https://www.facebook.com/groups/576515849151767
  • TRAINING OF GUIDES FOR STUDY TOURS AT COMMEMORATION SITES FOR PARTISANS AND FIGHTERS, as part of NEXT GENERATIONS’ engagement in commemorating the Partisans’ Heritage and in the aim of creating a cadre of guides and guiding schools for that purpose throughout Israel.
In addition to all the issued and themes presented above, we are open to suggestions and proposals of our members for new activities.


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